Blitz Power

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Energy is our fuel

In recent decades, the automotive industry had to conform to current global regulations that require the reduction of polluting carbon emissions into the atmosphere, thus moving away from the traditional design of vehicles that use fossil fuels. The main objective of electric mobility is to produce more environmentally friendly and equally efficient vehicles; e-mobility has challenged designers and manufacturers to think outside the traditional framework with a view to sustainable development.

The market portion of electric vehicles has grown about six times since 2013 to date; in 2016, around 800,000 electric cars were sold worldwide, with an increase of 40% on a global scale: the market prevalence is for full-electric vehicles. Aside from electric cars, a systemic approach to electric mobility must also include energy supply and charging infrastructure, since these components are closely interconnected.

In this scenario of strong infrastructural expansion, IVPC Group presents Blitz Power, a new company entirely dedicated to charging services for electric mobility.

100% sustainable development

Blitz Power can manage firsthand the supply of electricity, it guarantees the use of energy from renewable sources (100% green) for charging electric vehicles, with a view to true sustainable development and in full respect of the mission of the holding company.

Blitz Power can therefore supply both the charging stations and the energy to power them, also ensuring the possibility to manage the charging process by a special application that allows both the monitoring of its status, and the booking and payment of the charge.

Furthermore, thanks to interoperability agreements with European platforms, Blitz Power charging stations guarantee compliance with the laws and directives in force. The infrastructure technology proposed by Blitz Power offers charging stations in both alternating and direct current, whose characteristics are summarized in the following diagram:

Charging mode Current [a] Power [kw] Type Charging time [h]
mode 3 ≤ 63 3 ÷ 22 slow 6 ÷ 8
accelerated 1 ÷ 2
fast 0,2 ÷ 0,25
mode 4 80 ÷ 200 > 22 fast 0,2 ÷ 0,25

The first stage of development

Legislative Decree 257/2016, born from the implementation of the European Directive 2014/94 / EU (Directive Alternative Fuel Initiatives - DAFI), imposed the realization on the national Italian territory of an adequate number of charging stations accessible to public by 2020.

It is expected that the Regions provide for the requirement to install charging stations for electric vehicles with "fast multi-standard" systems both when authorizing new fuel distribution systems and when granting permit to completely renovate existing ones.

In addition, the National Infrastructure Plan for the Charging of vehicles powered by electricity (PNire) provides that by 2020 the electric charging stations are interoperable in roaming and able to receive alternative payment without direct authentication.

The first phase of development of public recharging services in Italy was mainly made up of experimental projects managed by energy distributors.

IVPC Group, through Blitz Power, faces the world of electric mobility with a plurality of activities and services and proposing itself as a 360° partner.

Main Contractor (MC): in the role of Main Contractor, Blitz Power offers its clients a turnkey service, dealing with the design, supply, installation, commissioning and operation of the electric charging system.

Charging Point Operator (CPO): thanks to its widespread presence in the area, it is able to manage and maintain networks of electrical and technological systems, ensuring rapid intervention times.

E-Mobility Provider (EMP): in this capacity, it can offer mobility services to end customers through customer authentication, management of the payment system and additional services such as the location and booking of charging points, car parks, etc.

Technology Provider (TP): with a range of products focused on charging systems for public use and thanks to partnerships with specialist companies, Blitz Power is able to offer the best know-how and the best performing technological solutions on the market.

In some cases, Blitz Power can also play the role of "Client", financing the project of installation of e-charging stations, building it and managing its infrastructures.

Public installations

Blitz Power offers, as flagship products for installations of public interest:

2 x 22 station: charging station equipped with two sockets for charging electric vehicles at a maximum power of 22 kW per socket (charging time of about 45-60 minutes on average for vehicles enabled for 22 kW charging)

DC column: modular DC charging solution, with different power levels (indicative from 50 to 300 kW) to allow vehicles to be recharged quickly (about 15-30 minutes)


Mobilità elettrica

Electric mobility

The main services associated with charging stations include:

  • Remote management, diagnostics, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
  • Information to users of the position on the map, the operating status (available, busy, etc.) and its characteristics (socket, power, etc.).
  • Recording of data relating to each recharge (date, duration of recharge, energy supplied, etc.) and periodic reporting.
  • Management of payments and administrative activities relating to the provision of the charging service.