IVPC Eolica

Service Company

The company was established on 19 May 1999 and currently has 11 employees.

It offers management and maintenance services (Operation and Maintenance) of photovoltaic and small wind plants, offering turnkey solutions.

Ivpc Eolica offers activities connected with plants for the production of energy from renewable sources (wind, solar, etc., such as design, operation, maintenance, technical advice, cost analysis and feasibility studies of such plants); the provision of services in the field of engineering for the environment and the territory, the supply of services in the field of design and implementation of quality, environmental and safety management systems, in accordance with current standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ohsas 18001 and pursuant to Legislative Decree 626/94 and subsequent amendments and additions.


Turnkey services for micro-wind systems

Turnkey services for micro-wind systems

Thanks to the experience gained in developing, planning and installing wind turbines, IVPC Group is able to offer turnkey services for supplying and installation of micro-wind systems as well as their ordinary and extraordinary operating and maintenance services. The technical offer includes the following services:

  • Anemometrical analysis and advices about turbine’s model and brand according to the site specifications
  • Design
  • Submission of documents to Public Authorities and Bodies involved in the authorizing procedures
  • Supplying of turbines which meet customer requirements
  • Realization of the civil works to be carried out before the installation
  • Realization of electrical works
  • Turbine’s Erection (including cranes)
  • Connection to the grid and delivery point
  • Commissioning
  • Planned maintenance for turbines (including consumables)
  • Corrective maintenance and intervention service
  • Extraordinary maintenance and main components replacement
  • Remote control
Maintenance of photovoltaic power plants

Maintenance of photovoltaic power plants

Furthermore, IVPC Group looks after the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for photovoltaic plants. The optimization of the operating performance and the projected useful life of the plants require periodical maintenance in order to improve the efficiency of the equipment (solar panels, inverters, transformers and electromechanical equipment).

The activities needed for the ordinary maintenance of photovoltaic systems essentially consist of the cleaning and static verification of the photovoltaic generator and the maintenance and check of the electrical parts and their performances. Below is a list of the main activities carried out:

  • Control and clamping of the anchor bolts of photovoltaic panels to the structure and anchoring bolts to the substructure
  • Control and replacement of clamping components (bolts, clamps, etc.)
  • Control and clamping of all the electrical wiring and junction of panels and electrical connections pertaining to each inverter
  • Control and removal of potential obstacles in the canalization and/or in the inverter cooling system (heat sinks placed in the frontal area: leaves, nests, beehives, etc.)
  • Cleaning of all the solar panels’ surfaces
  • Control and removal of residual stains, scratches and damages over the solar panels surfaces (glass)
  • Control and removal of oxidation from the circuits and internal welding and/or damp and condensation removal
  • Visual inspection for all the electrical equipment placed in the interface board
  • Control and clamping of all the electrical connections
  • Execution of the operational tests for protection breakers
  • Interface board cleaning
  • Visual inspection and clamping of all cables belonging to the transformer
  • Transformer cleaning
  • Cleaning of the interface board and transformer spaces
  • Electrical operational test
  • Interface protection operational tests
  • Output verification
  • Execution of thermographic surveys for each solar panel under uniform radiation conditions
  • Execution of thermographic surveys for junction box (back of the panel)
  • Execution of thermographic surveys for interface board and metering unit