IVPC 4.0

Service Company

The company was established on February 16, 2017 and offers energy efficiency services, also through off grid systems, supplying electricity to remote areas that do not have access to the electricity grid.

In addition to these, it provides distribution, trading and wholesale services and to end users of all energy sources; management, trading and sale of energy efficiency certificates (white certificates) and in general incentives for the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency; tax services to third parties and in general all possible services relating to concessions (tax and non-tax) for the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency; energy diagnosis; legislative verification of the plants; management and carrying out of training, updating and requalification courses, held in the classroom and at a distance in the sector of health and safety at work, for all types of companies and in the technical sector of energy efficiency and renewable energies; preparation of preliminary feasibility studies, with technical and economic analysis; provision of energy efficiency services relating to the design and implementation of energy efficiency improvement interventions, the management and maintenance of energy efficiency improvement systems, the monitoring of consumption, performance and results; technical and administrative support for the acquisition and management of loans, incentives, calls for tenders, European, national and local funds; financial services aimed at finding financial resources also through project financing or financing through third parties.


Islanding systems

Islanding systems

I.S.O.L.A., acronym of Islanding Systems Operation into Lonely Areas is a system devised by IVPC for the production of electrical energy from renewable sources in areas where no distribution network was developed (WATCH THE VIDEO). The off-grid stationary application of I.S.O.L.A. is able to generate electricity using the natural energy resources found in the area and manage power flows feeding the user/s either instantly or accumulating the energy produced during a time mismatch. The main component of the system is in fact a regulator of energy flows that decides, based on the system requirements and on the logics that are meant to be achieved, where to withdraw energy and where to direct it. The system I.S.O.L.A. is characterized by high design flexibility thanks to the modular scheme of its components. Such a feature - that is undoubtedly one of its major strengths on the market - allows the user to both select the energy sources and appropriately size the performance so as to meet a wide range of possible applications. Wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass can be used as sources of renewable energy, and further, not yet standardized applications cannot be excluded. In any case, it is possible to exploit one or more available resources even in a combined way. The accumulation system is dimensioned according to the user’s needs, so that it is possible to get different operating autonomy scales of various sizes of power. In its standard configuration, the system guarantees the delivery of nominal 72 kW for 12h, with voltage and frequency of 400V and 50 Hz respectively. Based on the user’s needs, the system is scalable up to home sizes from 6 to 10 kW. In addition, for special needs of high requirements, it is possible to size and realize solutions with powers of the order of MW.

Main possible applications

The main fields of application of this technological system developed by IVPC are the remote villages not covered by electricity or drinking water supply, small farms, small and medium sized factories, etc. For example, a village of 40 houses not connected to the electricity distribution network can be powered by the system I.S.O.L.A. of 72 kW which will ensure availability of power equal to 1.5 kW per house with a 12 hour autonomy. Even small farms could use the electrical energy produced and stored. With an output of 45kW, the night watering for a period of 12 h can certainly be ensured, and the operation of any auxiliary systems, such as, for example, water picking or night lighting can also be ensured using the same output application and the remaining kWs. The system can also be used to power the desalination needed to make sea water drinkable and distribute it in the places not covered by the integrated water services.

Environmental impact

The system, in its standard configuration, allows to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere up to 200 tonnes a year. The accumulation system can be constituted either of lead-acid batteries or of lithium batteries, kept in watertight containers made of anticorrosive material. Both systems, just like the photovoltaic panels, imply no risk of direct pollution during their use and the technology for the end of life treatment and disposal of these items is already available and with low environmental impact.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

By virtue of the know-how gained in the field of renewables, IVPC Group enters the field of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability with a wide range of activities and innovative solutions.

ESCOs – Energy Service Company –are companies carrying out actions aimed at improving energy efficiency, taking on part of the risk and relieving customers from the investment and organizational costs. The resulting cost savings are divided between the ESCOs and the customers according to the different types of contractual arrangements.

IVPC 4.0, certified ESCO in accordance with UNI CEI 11352, aims to promote and implement energy efficiency measures, distributed generation and use of renewable energy in order to reduce energy consumption and pollution in the atmosphere, thus contributing to European environmental targets. Using energy in a more rational and efficient manner means to reduce the cost of utility bills, to reduce our dependency on oil and gas supplies and to help protect the environment and to make use of a technology that uses less energy to perform the same function. Improving the energy efficiency of our homes, public buildings, industries is a smart investment that combines a rapid and significant energy saving with a considerable economic return and the regulatory compliance of plants, buildings and properties. For some years now, energy efficiency is a priority item in the agenda of national and EU policies: Legislative Decree no. 102/2014, which implements the European Directive 2012/27 / EU, establishes the obligation to increase energy efficiency through the diagnosis for large companies (> 250 employees and > 50 million in annual revenue) and energy-intensive companies (2.4 GWh of annual consumption or Energy Cost / Revenue ratio > 3%).


  • Public administrations
  • Tourism and Food Accommodations
  • Condominiums
  • School Institutes
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Retirement homes
  • Factories
  • Transportation
  • Electric mobility sector


  • AUDIT AND DIAGNOSIS. The first step to reach a suitable energy efficiency program consists in performing an accurate audit or a certified assessment able to determine in an accurate and documented way the system structure, the property and / or industrial unit consumption, to measure their performance. The audit must also be able to monitor the points of higher waste, the energy losses, the areas of greatest consumption.
  • FEASIBILITY STUDY / CONSULTING / EXECUTIVE PROJECT. The second step is the identification of the energy efficiency measures to be implemented and the possible redevelopment of the existing technology and the choice, in consultation with the customer, of the best applicable solution.
  • INSTALLATION / OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF FACILITIES. We can fully manage the interventions to improve efficiency both in financial terms and tax benefits and from the technical and design profile. In this case, all the stages of construction, management and maintenance of the installations are operated by IVPC own technical personnel, professionally developed and highly specialized.
  • PROCUREMENT OF FUNDS AND IDENTIFICATION OF FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS. We offer financial capacity to fully manage an EPC contract (Energy Performance Contract) with an initial investment charged to our Group. From the very first year we share with our customers the benefits resulting from energy saving.
  • IDENTIFICATION OF FORMS OF INCENTIVE / TEE TRADE / ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT. Our dedicated trading team, based in Rome and keeping direct contact with GSE, will support you in the management of the TEE (Energy Efficiency Certificates) or White Certificates, Contributions in Thermal Account 2.0 and other incentive mechanisms.

Solutions for civil and industrial sectors:

We can meet all the needs and demands of the market, from the macro-solutions for highly complex and "large electricity users" industrial contexts to those customized for living, residential, commercial areas until the Energy Management. Construction of service stations for the electric charge for private vehicles and public transport purposes.

Customized solutions:

Thanks to a strategic and structured approach and thanks to our more than twenty years of experience in the renewable energy field, we are able to identify the best configuration for the facility and at the same time we respect the customer's expectations, associating the economic investment to a successful energy management. Our control rooms, active 24 hours a day, guarantee constant energy and environmental monitoring before and after the operation and the check of performance and of results whose data, together with the reports, are regularly shared with the customer.

Integrated solutions using renewable energy sources:

The energy efficiency measures may be accompanied by the installation of systems or plants for the production of energy from renewable sources which can link up with each other, either through configurations of on site exchange or of total own consumption, thus optimizing the overall efficiency and reducing the need of primary fossil energy from the network. Our I.S.O.L.A. system, for example, based on energy storage technologies entirely from renewable sources, is perfectly integrated with the energy efficiency policies by ensuring a consistent and reliable delivery of energy at highly competitive rates.


The company employs designers and experts in the energy sector, coordinated by a Bureau Veritas certified EGE under the UNI CEI 11339. IVPC 4.0 is certified ISO 50001 and UNI CEI 11352.

Agreements and Partnership concluded:

  • Alto Calore Servizi S.p.A. (AV)
  • ATS Elettronica S.r.l. (AV)
  • Municipality of Guardia dei Lombardi (AV)
  • Municipality of Montecalvo Irpino (AV)
  • Municipality of Morra de Sanctis (AV)
  • Municipality of Baselice (BN)
  • Municipality of Foiano di Val Fortore (BN)
  • Municipality of Ginestra degli Schiavoni (BN)
  • Municipality of Molinara (BN)
  • Municipality of Montefalcone di Valfortore (BN)
  • Municipality of Paduli (BN)
  • Municipality of Reino (BN)
  • Municipality of San Giorgio La Molara (BN)
  • Municipality of San Marco dei Cavoti (BN)
  • Municipality of Vitulano (BN)
  • Centro Sportivo Caravaggio Sporting Village (NA)
  • Municipality of Poggio Imperiale (FG)