IVPC Service

Service Company

The company was established on June 20, 1995 and currently has 140 employees.

Its company purpose is the design and construction of plants for the production, transformation and transport as well as the distribution and sale of energy from renewable sources, as well as the related management and maintenance of the plants.

It provides management and maintenance (Operation and Maintenance) services for wind farms and HV/MV systems, as well as energy trading. It also deals with troubleshooting on cable ducts, administrative management of plants and non-profit organization founded to standardize quality standards and work and emergency procedures by GWO (Global Wind Organization), a non-profit organization founded to standardize quality standards and work and emergency procedures.


Wind farms O & M

Wind farms O & M

Wind farms O & M

  • Ordinary and extraordinary turbines maintenance
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for civil works
  • Remote monitoring of the plants, service 24/7 and technical reports
  • Measurement of the electricity produced, metering, power modulation, curtailed generation, business relations with the Customs Agency
  • Management of purchase orders on buyer’s behalf for consumables and spare parts
  • Management of stock’s warehouse and monitoring of stock levels
  • Main Components replacement (blades, generators, gearboxes) and repairing on-site or at factory
  • Management and realization of Retrofit/Upgrade and Refitting

O&M IVPC: MW managed Breakdown by ownership of the plants


Our technical organization is structured as follows:

  • No. 8 engineers, no. 2 geologists, no. 1 architect at technical management department, operating control, supervision, quality, environment and safety management
  • No. 70 wind turbine technicians (training CEI 11-27), qualified in blade repairing, installation and assembly of macro and micro wind turbines – training certification by Vestas and Northern Power systems – refitting activities
  • No. 10 HV/MV electrical technicians (training CEI 11-27), 2 of them responsible for metering, 2 responsible for civil works, 2 responsible for warehouse logistics and data entry and 2 of them have qualification for carrying out joints and terminations on HV/MV cables
  • No. 2 anemometry technicians
  • No. 9 technicians responsible for monitoring h24/7

IVPC is structured so widespread over 7 Italian regions.

O&M IVPC: 740 MW - by Region

Basilicata 44 MW, Calabria 203 MW, Sicilia 172 MW, Campania 236 MW, Puglia 85 MW

The operation and maintenance services are carried out through a monitoring and coordination center. Through SCADA systems, the remote surveillance is carried out and data are collected in real time 24/7, 365 days a year. The company organization and many years of experience have made it possible to achieve an operating performance on levels of excellence in the sector, guaranteeing plant availability on all the 1135 MW managed in the last 5 years between 97.6% and 98 , 3%, against the standard of 95% commonly guaranteed by competitors on the market.

HV/MV systems O&M and troubleshooting for cable ducts

HV/MV systems O&M and troubleshooting for cable ducts

IVPC Service manages the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for HV/MV substation and MV/LV cabins for renewable energy plants, including tests for equipment parameters, thermographic surveys and inspections for overload protection relays. Furthermore, it offers services for trouble shooting, insulation testing and LV/MV cable testing using cutting-edge technology for the localization of underground cables faults and testing their insulation according to the CEI 11-17 rule, such as:

  • Centrix Fault Location System – Voltage 0 / 80 kV; VLF equipment 0,1 Hz; teleflex 0 - 120 km; pre-location systems ICE (impulse current method), ARM process (DC) , 0 - 80 kV travelling wave method, 0 - 20 kV ARM burning process
  • Mobile Compact System Sebakmt – Voltage 0 / 80 kV; teleflex 0 - 120 km; pre-location systems – impulse current method, ARM process (DC) , 0 - 80 kV travelling wave method, 0 - 20 kV ARM burning process
  • Portable multi functional system SPG 40 – Voltage 0 / 40 kV; teleflex 0 - 50 km; pre-location systems ICE (impulse current method), ARM process (DC) , travelling wave method 0 - 40 kV
Energy trading services and promotion mechanisms

Energy trading services and promotion mechanisms

IVPC Group offers services of intermediation activities relative to electricity sales and Green Certificates though a specific structure based in Rome which operates in the electricity trading sector with the aim of maximizing the objectives of the companies owning production plants, by looking after and carrying out all the connected operations and activities (management of contracts, analysis and checking of data, monitoring the Stock Exchanges, checking integrated commercial proposals, etc.).

In a year, the trading office manages, as a general rule, the trading of 750 GWh of electricity and about 750,000 Green Certificates. As regards the Green Certificates for the period 2005-2015, they had a selling price higher than the average stock value (+3,5%). The Trading Office of the IVPC Group is considered a point of reference for operators in the sector who want to outsource such extremely complex activities, also because of the experience gained over the years that allows us to manage Institutional Relations effectively, acting as an interface on behalf of the client towards the institutions and bodies of the electricity sector, such as the GSE, the Network Manager and the Authority for Electricity and GAS.

Administration and accounting

Administration and accounting

In the field of the development of new wind projects, IVPC Group was a pioneer in Italy since it planned, built and commissioned approximately 1200 MW over the last 20 years, thanks also to the widespread knowledge of the wind that the Company has gained over time by gradually installing up to 700 anemometers, 100 of which still operating on the main interest areas of the national territory.

The construction of such a large number of plants was made possible also thanks to the excellent skills that the Company has shown in obtaining financial resources, especially through project financing negotiations with the main international banks. In the years 2006/2009 only, IVPC Group negotiated and signed bank financing contracts in project financing for an amount equal to approximately Euro 859 million. The group's many years of experience has made it possible for its Companies to offer very flexible and qualified services. Among these:

Accounting and fiscal performances

  • accounting services and drawing up of the Financial Statements (both IAS/IFRS and ITA GAAP)
  • creditors reconciliation
  • drafting of periodical financial statements (profit and loss account and balance sheet)
  • relations with Italian Revenue Bodies;
  • spare parts management and inventory;
  • drafting of Unbundling statements (mandatory administrative and accounting unbundling)

Treasury and Finance

  • arrangement and updating of the financial models (Project Financing, Leasing, etc.);
  • bank reconciliations
  • drafting and submission of the operating budget in compliance with financial documents

Institutional Affairs and GCs Sale

  • management of contractual obligations and of relations with landowners and local bodies
  • Relationships with GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici) and TERNA Spa
  • Trading: green certificates sale

Sales Department

  • Relationships with customers and suppliers


  • Health and safety reports (injuries, near miss, etc.)

Production data

  • Production data analysis (comparison between the target and the actual production of energy at scheduled intervals)
Metering and plants’ management

Metering and plants’ management

IVPC Group is able to offer metering services, thanks to the experience acquired (about 10% of the total wind energy installed over Italian territory). The metering department downloads data several times a day (quarter hour metering) from the meters placed on the area, it processes about a thousand power curves, releases monthly output data as per invoicing or incentive criterion to the involved departments.
Furthermore, IVPC Group structure is able to offer the following additional services:


This activity aims to define the advice and assistance with the following bodie, aimed at activating and operating the plants:

  • Customs Agency
  • Gestore dei Servizi Energetici – GSE S.p.a. - The state-owned company which promotes and supports renewable energy sources (RES) in Italy
  • Terna S.p.a. - (Italian Grid Operator for electricity transmission)
  • Enel S.p.a. (Italian leading player in power market)


  • Submission of substitutive or extensive statement to the Customer Agency
  • Support for sealing and unsealing, authorizations to break or remove the seals, reapplication of the removed seals
  • Assistance during the inspections of the officials of the competent Customs Agency, verification reports, issuance of operating license


  • Drafting and submission of the meter readings register (“registro di allibramento”) to the competent Customs Agency
  • Processing of data necessary for the drafting of the annual consumption declaration
  • Drawing up and writing out of the electronic document for the annual consumption declaration and transmission


  • Relations with “Gestore dei Servizi Energetici - GSE S.p.A.
  • GCs issues
  • Assessment and control of curtailed wind power generation
  • Assistance during the stipulation of the agreement for purchase and resale (ritiro dedicato) agreements in compliance with AEEG’s decision 280/07


  • Relations with Terna S.p.A. (Metering department) for the management of metering units
  • Assistance for GAUDI portal
  • Management of remote meters reading
  • Management of dispatching agreement and energy transmission
  • Calculation of hourly curve in case of anomalies
  • IA (index of Reliability) assessment and control
  • Data to GSTAT web application
GWO training services

GWO training services

IVPC Service enhanced its experience in the training field and it provides, as a Certified Training Provider, the modules established under the GWO Global Wind Organisation standards.

Standard Global Wind Organisation

Made of a set of leading companies in the wind energy market, which groups together individuals, turbine and utilities manufacturers, GWO is a non-profit organization that aims to create a safe working environment free of accidents through the identification of joint training standards about safety and emergency procedures. The international certification issued by GWO gives the opportunity to train and educate the workers belonging to the field of wind energy in compliance with the highest industry standards for safety.

BST Basic Safety Training

GWO created a Standard Package for Basic BST Technical Training designed to give attendees the knowledge of risks, in order to encourage them to adopt an appropriate behavior during all phases, and to learn the techniques to perform their tasks properly, through the appropriate use of the Personal Protection Equipment, emergency equipment and evacuation procedures.


GWO standard stands out because all the contents of the planned training modules are specifically formulated for the wind industry, and are therefore perfectly tailored to meetthe needs and issues related to this specific industrial segment.


The members of Global Wind Organisation acknowledge that the training provided and received in accordance with this standard covers the requirements for the BST (Basic Safety Training) for technicians and personnel working on the turbines.

IVPC Service provides training courses for the four modules that make up the standard BST:


Description of GWO Modules

  • Manual Handling
    Duration of the course: 4 hours
    Validity of the course: 24 months
  • Fire Awareness
    Duration of the course: 4 hours
    Validity of the course: 24 months
  • First Aid
    Duration of the course: 16 hours
    Validity of the course: 24 months
  • Works at Height
    Duration of the course: 16 hours
    Validity of the course: 24 months